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The Sunday brunch at Restaurang Tylöhus is undiluted joy with smoothies, cold cuts, cheeses, Tylöhus special “Skagen mess”, moules marinières and much more that will make a day by the Kattegat sea even more memorable. 

Topping it all is the dessert buffet with assorted goodies like muffins, French pastries and a cake from our own bakery. Add some soft live music and the view over the wide Tylösand beach, and we dare to promise a smile on your lips. 

Date: 29/3, 5/4 and 12/4

Sunday Brunch 29/3 and 5/4
SEK: 325, children: 0-3 years SEK 15/year, 15 year SEK 325

Sunday Brunch 12/4
SEK: 365, children: 0-3 years SEK 15/year, 15 year SEK 365

Book a table +46 35 333 05