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100 years of love

Hotel Tylösand and love has been walking hand in hand for 100 years – of this we’re absolutely sure after reading all the wonderful love stories from many decades.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed. The heart of Hotel Tylösand beats for you.

The pilot who was love bombed

In the morning of June 20 1944 two American Liberator bomber planes made an emergency landing at the airfield in south Halmstad. They had participated in a large airstrike in northern Germany, and on the way back to England was attacked by German fighter planes. 21 bomber planes were forced to land in southern Sweden – most of them in Skåne, but two ended up in Halmstad.
A while later Kerstin from Halmstad and the American pilot Pete Peterson met at a dance at Hotel Tylösand. A year later they married at the Sperlingsholm estate with Kerstin’s wedding dress being made from Pete’s parachute.
Kerstin still lives in the USA and her dress can be seen at the military museum Garnisonsmuseet here in Halmstad. In April this year the mini musical “The guy who fell down from the sky” will tell the story about this fabulous love story during troubled times.
Martin Odd

Love all the way from Bettans to marriage

Me and my husband Sebastian met for the first time in Bettans Bar at Hotel Tylösand in August 2011. We were both in Tylösand on vacation and met by chance. We started talking, kept contact and continued to see each other back home in Stockholm.  
After that we started a tradition, and since 2011 we have visited Tylösand every summer - but the summer of 2017 was something else. We went there to celebrate Sebastian’s birthday by having shellfish at Bettans and watching Magnus Uggla at the Solgården. But I wasn’t prepared for Sebastian to fall down on his knees in the sand dunes shortly before the dinner, asking me to spend my life with him.  
Since our story started in this place, there was never any doubt that we should marry here as well. On June 1 2019 we celebrated our love with a wedding, a wedding dinner and a party at Hotel Tylösand.
What fantastic memories we’ve collected here. Tylösand and Hotel Tylösand are so close to our hearts, since so many of our greatest moments have happened here. Thanks for the wonderful place you’ve created, and a very special thanks to Nevena at the hotel for making our wedding day absolutely perfect.
Josephine och Sebastian Gustafsson Ydén

Southern love at Beach Club

Our love story began at Hotel Tylösand’s disco Beach Club on July 16 1983. I was here on vacation with my parents, and went out to check out Tylösand’s   nightlife with my brother.  
A young and handsome guy asked me to dance. We danced and he asked. “Are you here often?”. I answered that I was from Eslöv in Skåne. His name was Christer and it turned out that he came from Trelleborg, which is also in the south of Sweden. The next day we walked hand in hand at Norreport, and had coffee and soft ice with chocolate sauce – which I spilled on my blouse to my embarrassment.
I had to go back home to work, but we decided to meet at Beach Club again a few days later. After that we wrote each other and met as much as we could. 37 years later the love is still going strong – we engaged in 1984, married in 1985 and has three children and six grandchildren.  
We have returned to Tylösand a couple of times on our nostalgia trips, and have for example enjoyed wonderful concerts with Sweet, Slade, Smokie, Nationalteatern and Wilmer X while the sun has set. We have walked hand in hand along the beach by the glittering water.
Meetings. Glances. Love that lasts and becomes deeper and stronger for every year. Tylösand is summer, loooove and Gyllene Tider for us.

Christel and Christer Magnusson

From Russia to Halmstad

When I first came to Hotel Tylösand I was 17 years old. It was my first trip to Sweden, and it might seem like a strange choice for a Russian girl to choose Tylösand instead of making a more ordinary tourist trip. But I was no ordinary tourist. I came to Sweden with my friends to see Per Gessle during his tour in 2007. We just had to come and see our favourite musician’s hotel and of course the Roxette/Gyllene Tider museum at Leif’s Lounge. And I immediately fell in love with Tylösand.
During the following years I returned to Tylösand again and again. I stayed at the hotel, enjoyed the spa, had wonderful dinners at the Tylöhus restaurant, sunbathed at the best beach – and in 2018 I married my loved one at S:t Olofs chapel, where Christof Jeppsson played Gyllene Tider songs for us during the ceremony. When we tried to find a church for the wedding, I googled ”the most beautiful churches in Sweden” and the first link I got was to the Tylösand chapel. It felt like destiny.
I have always felt that Tylösand is a perfect place for me. A place where I get strength to dream. My biggest dream during the last years has been to move to Halmstad and be able to see sunsets at the Tylösand beach every day. And when you dream and keep your hopes high, your wishes come true. In May 2020 we move to Halmstad. And I can look forward to having wonderful June, July, August in my favourite place on earth.
Erina Kuznitsynais

Still happy after 40 years

In the summer 1980, I met a young girl named Annette at the Beach Club. She was only 16 years old, and worked as a cleaner at Hotel Tylösand during weekends. I came from Hyltebruk and went to school at the Kattegattgymnasiet since the autumn of 1979.
A wonderful summer evening on June 4, Annette’s school class celebrated their speech-day at Beach Club. Me and a friend went there to dance, and that night Cupid’s arrows hit both me and Annette VERY hard.  
Annette worked at the hotel during the whole summer 1980, and I had another job somewhere else. For the money we earned, we went on our first vacation trip together. We’re married and still super happy together after almost 40 years as a couple. We have three grown children, and four grandchildren (a fifth is on its way).
Hotel Tylösand and the beach below, where I shyly and awkwardly applied sun cream on Annette’s body, has been - and still is - an important place in our life. Every summer we go to Tylösand with a picnic basket to the place where we kissed for the first time. Tradition is important for us. It’s a way for us to always remember wonderful moments like those.
Hans och Annette Nordén

A “click” in the dunes

15 years ago I went down to Halmstad to visit a female friend. At the same time I had made contact with a guy from Halmstad on a dating site, which was quite unusual at the time. We decided to meet on the beach at Tylösand. He walked from the hotel, and I from Frösakull.
Vi met and spent several hours in a pit among the dunes to get away from the wind, and we laughed so much that our jaws hurt. Today we’re married  and always thinks about Tylösand with much love. We visit the hotel frequently, and coinciding with a Christmas party last year we defied the freezing wind and walked to the sand pit where it all started.
Aila Ketola Sörman

”There’s the woman I’m going to marry”

In the summer 2010 I sat at Leif’s terrace as usual, enjoying the warm summer breeze with my mates. Beside us sat a girl with her friends. I already then knew that she was the woman in my life. Strengthened by a couple of beers, I announced to my mates that she was the one I was going to marry.
We had met a couple of weeks before, when Roxette played a pre tour show at Leif’s. She’s a crazy Roxette fan, and it was hard not to notice her during the show. Later the same summer when we once again met at the hotel, it was obvious that we were going to be a couple. And a few years later it happened. She became my wife, and of course in Tylösand.
This year we celebrate ten years together. Time has passed and given us lots of love and two wonderful girls. Wedding anniversaries as well as baptisms have all been celebrated here in Tylösand, so for us Hotel Tylösand will always be a very special place that’s connected with love.
Andreas Langenitz

”I grew up at Hotel Tylösand”

My love story is not directed to a person, but to Hotel Tylösand as a whole. It began in 1959, when my father Ingvar Ottosson was employed as the hotel’s pastry cook. I was three years old at the time, and the first year we lived at the hotel in room 302 and 303 (I had my own room already then).
During the following years we lived in various staff accommodation that the hotel owned: Kajan, down by the lifeguard tower and between the hotel’s tennis courts. I was the darling of the hotel and could be everywhere: in the kitchen, the cold buffet, the rotunda (which my mother was the head of), the service and so on.
Dad worked until they closed the bakeshop. In 1963 we moved to, but my best friend Jennie Ahlgren lived the next door to the hotel so I spent all summers there. It was the happiest time of my life and it would be absolutely wonderful to come back to the hotel after all these years.
Catrin Ottosson

”I kissed him on the dance floor”

Me and my future husband was both working at Hotel Tylösand when we met – me as a waitress and he as a breakfast chef. I was 19 years old and he was 18. On June 28 2005 there was a kick off for all the staff. We were a couple of young girls who had a preparty, and of course we talked about all the good-looking guys we were working with.
I thought that Christoffer was the best looking guy I’d ever seen, and had made up my mind to make out with him, which I managed to do of course. Everybody was on the dance floor when our eyes met. I went straight over the dance floor, kissed him and followed him home that night.
It’s been us ever since. Marriage, house and the most important thing of them all – Charlie, who was born on September 3 2014.
Hanna Hagselius

Wedding memory from 1966

What a wonderful wedding party on August 27 in 1966. In the great dining room with a sunset by the sea, a flower arc over the newly married, 120 guests in long dresses and tuxedos, young and old, relatives and friends, mingling on the lawn, speeches and singing, music and dancing.  
THANKS for a great memory. Since 1947 I have spent my summers in  Frösakull and my teen years at Beach Club, just like my children. Nowadays we focus more on great dinners and enjoying the spa.
Hooray for an ever-changing centenarian for all ages, and through all times into the future!
Ewa Menckel