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Man som får en ryggmassage


Destress massage – 50 or 75 minutes

A relaxing spa massage with wonderful fragrances that will reboot and revitalize a stressed body. A full body massage that works wonders by increasing circulation and make stiff joints and muscles more agile and flexible again.

Price 50 minutes SEK 895, 75 minutes SEK 1 195

Stone massage – 50 or 75 minutes

Nature’s own healing power is combined with warm and calming stones for a soft body massage. A relaxing full body massage that you just have to experience.

Price 50 minutes SEK 895, 75 minutes SEK 1 195

Cupping massage – 50 or 75 minutes

Cupping and classic massage are combined to increase blood circulation and relax the connecting tissue to allow more effective work on your muscles. The cupping will dissolve muscle tensions, increase circulation and body cleansing, and is also effective against cellulites.

Price 50 minutes SEK 995, 75 minutes SEK 1 295

Classic massage – 50 or 75 minutes

A traditional Swedish deep working massage that will dissolve tensions and make you feel comfortably relaxed.

Price 50 minutes SEK 895, 75 minutes SEK 1 195

Lymphatic drainage - 50 minutes

If you need to get circulation going, reduce swelling and fluid in the body, this is a treatment for you. The lymphatic system is an important part of the body’s circulatory system and immune system. The manual massage stimulates the lymphatic system so that excess fluid and waste products in the body can be transported away. The treatment is calming and liberating and it is good for stress reduction, sleep problems and regular treatments can prevent the onset of headaches and migraines.

Price: SEK 995

Golf massage - 25 or 50 minutes

Our golf massage has its focus on the muscle groups that are most affected by frequent golfing. It’s based on classic Swedish massage, but this treatment includes golf balls which increases the deep tissue effect. The result? A wonderful feeling of relaxation and flexibility in your whole body.

Price 25 min SEK 625, 50 min SEK 825.


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