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Man som behandlas med radiofrekvens


Treatment with radio frequency and vacuum is an efficient way to reduce pain and restore strength in swollen and hurting muscles, with stiff joints becoming soft and flexible again.

The treatment combines two modern technologies in one machine – radio frequency and vacuum – for a faster and more efficient result.


Radio frequency therapy creates a therapeutic temperature in the muscle, while vacuum gives a better grip on the muscle. You will get a deeper treatment that creates a better structure in the connective tissue, also increasing blood and lymph circulation.


Radio waves generates a deep heat due to the friction that’s generated when they pass through the tissue. When an area in the body gets warmer, the body’s own cooling system is activated, which stimulates circulation, oxygen, nutrition and metabolism, while loosening up blockings in tissues and muscles.

The result is a well-needed kick that gets the body’s own healing process go full speed ahead.


Elastic and flexible connecting tissue is the foundation for agility, circulation and wellbeing. It’s everywhere in your body; around the muscles, internal organs, between cells, in blood vessels, tendons and under the skin.

Vacuum treatment will massage the connective tissue in a way that increases the blood circulation. During face treatment the collagen production is stimulated to strengthen the skin barrier, making the skin firmer and smoother. The muscle treatment makes swollen or hurting muscles to recover and become much softer fast.


  • Faster result with shorter treatment
  • Restores your muscle power
  • Reduced pain while working with trigger points
    and swollen and hurting muscles
  • Stiff joints can loosen up
  • Improved structure in the connecting tissue
  • Improved lymph circulation
  • Improved blood circulation


The treatments uses radio frequency – a painless and non-surgical method where radio waves stimulates the skin’s collagen. The result is a direct and visible firmness of the skin, as well as a long term positive effect on loose skin, wrinkles and lines.

Deep body massage - 25 minutes

We treat an area with radio frequency, vacuum and LED light to help your muscles relax and work deeply to loosen up the connective tissue. The radio frequency treatment allow us to work four times as hard and effective compared to manual massage.

Price SEK 700

Classic massage with radio and vacuum - 50 minutes

For those of you who feel that your muscles are extra stiff and sore. Radio frequency and vacuum are used which, with a pleasant feeling, work deeper and warming.

Price SEK 995 kr

Cellulite treatment - 75 minutes

An effective treatment that speeds up the circulation and reduces your cellulites with a method of radio frequency and vacuum. You dry brush and then work your area through with a body cream that has the power of nigari salt and red algae. To reduce the appearance of bumps and promote a finer, smoother skin. Followed by, radio frequency works effectively in your problem area. For optimal results, a course of 5 times and combined with IR treatment is recommended. Feel free to consult your therapist.

Price SEK 1 195


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