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Man med hörlurar som lyssnar på ljudterapi


Have you tried LED light therapy mask or sound therapy?

Among our new biohacking therapies, you can also check out what a LED light therapy mask or sound therapy can do to increase your wellbeing.


With a LED light therapy mask over your face, cellular growth is stimulated while skin ageing is slowed down. The therapy is also very effective against acne, oily skin and other impurities.

How does it work?

A LED light therapy mask increases blood supply and stimulates immune system activity. The cell death process is reversed, and cells instead start to repair themselves, leading to cell rejuvenation which will reduce inflammations and has a visibly positive effect on your skin. The mask can be rented or bought in The Spa reception.


Sound therapy with headphones is one of the top wellness trends, where specific sound frequencies and rhythms are combined to heal unbalances and energize your body while you rest for half an hour. You can borrow the headphones free of charge during your visit to The Spa.

How does it work?

Brain waves is an electric activity that can be measured in hertz (Hz). The headphones produce tones with different frequencies that stimulates the brain to create healing processes.

With a 110 Hz tone in one ear and 115 Hz in the other, the healing energy is 5 Hz. When the brain creates this signal, it starts to heal the unbalance. Different frequencies creates different healing processes.


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En kvinna och en man med LED-masker på sig