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As if everything else there is to experience at Hotel Tylösand wasn’t enough, it’s also Sweden’s biggest art gallery—Tres Hombres Art—with some of the most interesting photographers in the world represented on an area of 23 000 sqm.

So even if you didn’t know that Hotel Tylösand is part owned by one of Sweden’s most enthusiastic pop culture connoisseurs and art collectors, you would probably guess so after a short walk.

Wherever you go, sensational pictures of world famous artists are waiting to steal your attention, taken by photographers like Terry O’Neill, Anton Corbijn, Mary McCartney, Albert Watson, Mick Rock and many more. You simply won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

Tres Hombres Art was founded at the end of the 80s, right after Per Gessle had become a part owner of the hotel with Björn Nordstrand. Per and his wife Åsa Gessle was planning to buy a sculpture for their garden, but the art dealer went bankrupt before the deal was finalized, so the sculpture ended up with a liquidator. A deal with the sculpture was made anyway—but only on the condition that the Gessle´s bought the entire art collection of 1 300 pieces.

With 23 000 sqm of space to fill, the idea to transform the newly acquired hotel into a gigantic art gallery was born. Together with friends and collaborators Lasse Nordin and Jan Beime, Per created Tres Hombres as a means to give the hotel a pop culture edge that would be totally unique in the business.

Today it’s one of the most celebrated photo art galleries in Sweden. As a guest at Hotel Tylösand you have the privilege to enjoy rare masterpieces that can otherwise only be found on museums and art galleries around the globe.

Besides a huge collection of photo art, we also exhibit paintings, sculptures and graphic art by contemporary Scandinavian and international artists. The exhibitions are constantly changing, but in general around 400 pieces of art is to be enjoyed—most of them for sale or possible to order.

So no matter where you look in Hotel Tylösand, a splendid time is guaranteed for all—at least if you got any interest in pop culture, and the personalities that shaped it.

You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to visit us, and the gallery is with the exception of a few rooms open 24/7, all year long. Get our brochure in the reception and if you want to book a guided tour, contact Rosie Gottlander.

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