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Body Treatments

Body Nourishing Milk Wrap - 50 min 
A luxurious body treatment when your skin is in need of some tender, love and care. This relaxing treatment starts with a warm massage with a milk basic protein, rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals as well as natural plant-based collagen from Japanese camellia oil and oats extracts. You will then get a packing that will saturate your skin with caring, nourishing and calming milk proteins, while you receive a calming face and scalp massage. After a shower, the treatment ends with a massage. 

Price SEK 995
Exotic Salt Glow Deluxe - 50 min
A cleaning and moisturizing exfoliating ritual that will strengthen and revitalize your body. After a careful dry brushing, drops of warm oil are generously applied over your whole body before you get a salt peeling. After that, you will get a packing while your face is cleaned, peeled and moisturized to achieve the right balance and glow. After a shower the treatment ends with a body lotion, giving your skin that silky feeling of moisture and glow, as well as a wonderful fragrance.
Price SEK 895
Detox with Algae and Tea - 75 min
A body cleansing that will maximize your natural energy. Starts with dry brushing and after that a cleansing serum based on green tea and algae. We follow up with a packing and finally you’ll get a full body massage with silky smooth sea buckthorn, lemon and juniper berry oil. You will leave with new strength and great energy in your body. After the treatments, we recommend that you drink generous amounts of water.
Price SEK 995
Tylösand Deluxe – 80 min
Our most exclusive treatment includes everything that will make you glow. Here we have chosen only the best and most luxurious products in a treatment that starts with a polishing body peeling for a velvety smooth skin. After that a lovely soft packing with nourishing lactic acids and energizing face treatment. Steaming hot towels removes the packing and finally, you get a soothing massage according to your wish.

Price SEK 1395
Expectant mama - 50 min
The months when you’re expecting your child are so special. This treatment connects mother and child with the magical power of touch. Two heartbeats will be treated as one. A light body scrub, relaxing massage with oil that is effective against stretch marks, and a cooling gel for tired and heavy legs and feet. Total relaxation for an expectant mother. During the treatment, you will be lying on your back, and we will of course customize everything according to your wishes.
Price SEK 895