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This menu applies until 31.12.2018.
Treatments that can be done in pairs are marked with *
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Gentle massage – 50/80 minutes *

A gentle, relaxing full-body massage, including face and scalp. Warm oil that provides nutrition and lustre to your skin.
Price: SEK 650/850, Friday-Sunday SEK 750/850

Stone massage – 50/80 minutes

Using warm, soothing stones in combination with natural forces and gentle body massage, you will experience an unforgettable, relaxing full-body massage.
Price: SEK 675/875, Friday-Sunday SEK 795/975

Cupping massage – 50/80 minutes *

Cupping therapy and classic massage are inteweaved to increase blood flow and loosen connective tissue so we can work on muscles at a deeper level. Cupping eases muscle tension, stimulates circulation, cleanses the body and even combats cellulite.
Price: SEK 675/875, Friday-Sunday SEK 795/995

Classic massage – 50/80 minutes *

A traditional deep massage that eases tension and provides pleasant relaxation.
Price: SEK 695/895, Friday-Sunday SEK 825/1025