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Hotel Tylösand Konferenslokal Prince


Standard room in the wing building themed on Prince. Seating up to 80 people and equipped with projector, three wireless sound systems and Wi-Fi—everything easily controlled with a touch-panel. Whiteboard, notepads, pencils and ice water are included. The Hallbergska café is just beside the room. Possibility to combine with nearby Michael Jackson for a big room seating up to 224 people.


The charismatic innovator who from his album debut in 1978 combined sunny pop music with soul, psychedelia, new wave rock and funk in a way that carved out a musical niche of his own.

After six albums that established his sound, he entered superstar level with the film and the album ”Purple Rain” in 1984.

  • U-table: 30 p
  • School seating: 48 p
  • Islands of 6 p: 6
  • Cinema seating: 80 p
  • Projector
  • Sound system for computer
  • 2 headsets
  • 1 handheld microphone
  • Wi-Fi
  • Whiteboard
  • Notepads
  • Pencils
  • Ice water

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Hotel Tylösand Konferenslokal Prince Purple Rain
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