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The Joyride Car Collection is a permanent exhibition in The Front House, presenting a part of Per and Åsa Gessle´s unique collection of cars, primarily consisting of Ferrari models made in very limited numbers.

The cars are displayed in a glazed part of the new hotel building, and can be seen both from the inside and the outside of the hotel. Scan the QR-code at the exhibition to learn more about each car.

If you want added information about how Per’s interest in cars started, and what he finds so special about these cars, the magazine ”The Joyride Car Collection” is for sale at the hotel.

We also offer guided tours with racing profile Dick Jönsson Wigroth, who has worked in motor sport all his life. Trust him for providing everything you need to know about the exhibition, the cars history, legacy, performance and exclusivity.

The guided tours will be in private groups for a maximum of ten people, with a price of SEK 4000, and can be booked by calling the hotel at +46 35 305 05, or via mail at

A stunning piece of car history takes place at the front row of The Front House. Welcome to discover yet another experience that you will only find at Hotel Tylösand.