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Welcome to a taste sensation for all senses. Since 1915, Restaurang Tylöhus has created golden moments during visits to Tylösand. Today, it’s an updated classic where innovations and traditions meet in harmony on your plate. The result is culinary impressions that stays in your memory and becomes timeless. Just like the photo art you can enjoy on the walls. 


The menu is valid until April 29 2024.

Snacks with olives, Fuet, nuts and root vegetable chips 155 SEK
Cold cuts and cheese with Bresaola, air dried ham, Fuet, Brillat-Savarin, blue cheese, Parmesan cheese, marinated tomatoes, olives and the bakery´s crispbread 195 SEK
Kalix bleak roe 30 g with fried cheddar toast, red onion, sour cream, dill and lemon 315 SEK

Tylösand’s Toast Skagen with horseradish and dill crudité 195 SEK
OMG! Shrimp and salmon sandwich with Skagen, cold-smoked salmon, egg, hand-peeled shrimp, pickled red onion, lemon, salad, fennel and dill panini 235 SEK

Tylösand’s Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, Parmesan cheese and croutons 155 SEK
Choose between hand-peeled shrimp 65 SEK, chicken and bacon 65 SEK or spicy tzay bits 65 SEK
Omelette with cheddar cheese, chives, tomato and salad 165 SEK
French fries with Béarnaise sauce 110 SEK

Club sandwich with grilled chicken thigh fillet, kimchi mayo, pickled vegetables, Asian chimichurri, peanuts and French fries 225 SEK
Gnocchi with sage cream, Parmesan, pine nuts, chili drops, rocket, tomato and asparagus 275 SEK

Plant-based burger with fried halloumi, cheddar cheese, dijonnaise, root vegetable chips, romaine lettuce, pickled cucumber, French fries and Béarnaise sauce 225 SEK
Double cheese burger with dijonnaise, bacon, romaine lettuce, pickled cucumber, French fries and Béarnaise sauce 225 SEK
Medallions of beef tenderloin 200 g with red wine sauce, Béarnaise, mushrooms, pork belly, pickled onions and French fries 385 SEK

Classic crème brûlée with bourbon vanilla and fresh berries 125 SEK
Chocolate praline 28 SEK/ST

PSST... Nut allergy or egg, milk protein, lactose, gluten intolerance, please ask for alternatives.