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Aqua – 45 min

Fun water fitness in our big pool, where our 29-degree water keeps you comfortable. By working with or against the water you minimize the risk for injuries, while improving your strength, shape and posture.
Price in SEK excl VAT: 2-15 persons: 1500/p, 16-45 persons: 100/p

Yoga - 50 min

Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and consciousness with yoga. You’ll combine body, senses and soul in an efficient program that will give you more muscle perseverance and mental clarity. Everything with a focus on breathing.
Price in SEK excl VAT: 2-15 persons: 1500/p, 16-40 persons: 100/p

Boot camp - 50 min outdoor

Outdoor program using nature as training tools. High intense training for shape, endurance and bodybuilding with functional movements.
Price in SEK excl VAT: 2-15 persons: 1500/p, 16-45 persons: 100/p

Body balance - 50 min

A nice fitness program with inspiration from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. Strengthens your stomach and back muscles, mobility, posture and balance.
Price in SEK excl VAT: 2-15 persons: 1500, 16-40 persons: 100/p

Spinning - 25 min/45 min

​Efficient bicycle training that’s easy on your body and quickly will improve your shape. Good exercise for various leg muscles with different resistances and tempos.
The instructor can choose to run certain parts virtually by letting you cycle to a film. Imagine serpentine roads in Italy, a trip around Lake Lugano or why not check out the Rocky Mountains?
Price in SEK excl VAT: 2-14 persons: 1500