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Icebreaker Game is often arranged during dinners. Every group will get a tablet with questions. You are competing on time in two heats, and will answers questions with a varied degree of difficulty. The purpose of the questions is to create discussion, make you laugh and challenge the participants to make the right decisions. The activity is split in different heats, where the first one can be arranged during the pre-dinner drink and the next one after the main course.  
Time: 2x15 min
Price in SEK: 250/person
Minimum price in SEK: 8 800
Cost for transportation might be added


You will be give 180 challenges with a varied degree of difficulty that should be solved on time. The challenges can be to take photos of things, people or places, problem solving, riddles or get to a specific place and perform a task on time there. The challenges can involve video and sound or using the hotel crowd and the hotel area as part of the game.  
You will be divided into teams of 5-6 persons, and will use a tablet as your tool. When the clock stars ticking, it’s time to establish a strategy and focus on what you think is fun and think you will be good at.  The teams that usually win tends to understand the importance of teamwork, are creative and often has fun while performing their tasks.
We can customize the game and help you integrate your own questions or relevant challenges, to get your message across in a better way.   
Time: 90 min
Price in SEK: 490/person
Minimum price in SEK: 8 800
Cost for transportation might be added


Get the Point is a competition and adventure that will take you out in the surroundings of Hotel Tylösand. The purpose of the activity is to strengthen relations, improve teamwork and strategic thinking, while enjoying a little sightseeing in the beautiful surroundings. With the help of tablets the team will navigate until they get to the right zone, where they will meet a challenge or answer a question.
The activity also contains time limited missions and penalty zones that will deduct points from your score. The challenges are 100% Google free—it will take genuine teamwork to arrive at the solutions. The questions can be adapted to the place, the theme of the conference or other company specific information. The more difficult a challenge or inaccessible the location is, the higher the points.

The Da Vinci riddle

Natty team building in a fictional and dramatic story about Tylösand’s glory days. This is the chance for everyone in the group to shine in an exciting competition with tasks that demands logical and analytical abilities. Few would solve these missions on their own, but with a team effort everyone can do it. A guaranteed Google free activity.  

Participants: 10-750
Price in SEK excl VAT: 350 kr/person
Minimum price in SEK excl VAT: 15 000
Time 1-2 hours, in- or outdoors


In this group development activity we focus on three words: goal, trust and communication. The instructor presents the problem and necessary prerequisites to solve it. The group plans and discusses. When they are finished the group will reflect on the process. We will emphasize the discussion and make comparisons to everyday work situations. This activity can also be performed in English.
Price in SEK: 4-100 persons - 690/person
Minimum price in SEK: 10 000
Time: 3 hours
Max participants: 100 persons


In this quiz we will zoom back in time and peep in to four decades, from the 70’s all the way to 2010. Every team will get questions on music, film, sport and much more. Memorable moments, TV series, food dishes etc will jog your memory in this highly entertaining quiz. Swedish only.
Price in SEK: 4-50 persons - 350/person
51-500 persons - 300/person
Minimum price in SEK: 4 900
Time: 2 hours
Max participants: 500 persons


Here is a challenge that needs to be solved in 60 seconds. We will build a couple of stations, where teams will challenge each other in duels. Every team selects 1-2 participants to meet another team. The winning team is the one that performs most challenges in less than a minute. Which team will have the strongest nerves? This activity can also be performed in English.
Price in SEK: 4-50 persons - 325/person
51-300 persons - 300/person
Minimum price in SEK: 4 900
Time: 1 hour
Max participants: 300 persons


In this fun music quiz the teams will compete in various categories; intros, lyrics, first minute and last minute of a song, etc. The team with the best finger on the popular music pulse will win. Now, who did that chorus…?
Price in SEK: 4-50 persons - 350/person
51-60 persons - 300/person
Minimum price in SEK: 6 000
Time: 2 hours
Max participants: 60 persons


Challenge each other in the Clash of the Titans, where focus and fighting spirit will lead to victory. We start with a first round, where the participants will test their skills in physical perseverance, sense of time and strength. The winning team will be qualified for the final round, while the remaining participants will get a second chance to reach the finals. With groups of more than 30 persons, a team will be considered the winner—otherwise an individual. Change of clothes is recommended for this activity.  
Price in SEK: 6-50 persons - 390/person
51-500 persons - 350/person
Minimum price in SEK: 8 000
Time: 2 hours
Max participants: 500 persons