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Entertainment program

Come to where the fun is!

If you like the combination of relaxation, exquisite eating and drinking, and entertainment, you’re in the right place. Hotel Tylösand is the most personally designed centre for inspiration, wellbeing and modern pop culture. 

We’re just like you. We love to have fun. Which is why we make sure the fun continues all year long. 

Beverages tastings

Hotel Tylösand is the place for exquisite beverages and knowledge that will enhance your experience. Welcome to a nice, informative and fun evening, where you will be guided by competent and passionate experts, who will let you know more about the history, taste, flavour and colours of the beverages we try. 

Live at Tylöhus!

Every Friday and Saturday evening starting at 7, we invite you to enjoy great live music at Bar Tylöhus. Drinks, sing-alongs and beautiful people in the best possible mood. See you on the dance floor.